Remedial Massage

Massage therapist massaging woman's neck

There is often confusion in the public about remedial massage and deep tissue massage and though they may be similar they are not the same. For many people with sport injuries and specific muscle dysfunctions, remedial massage is often a better and less firm strategy that they can tolerate better than deep tissue massages. Remedial massage is often associated with physical therapy after personal injuries. Our therapists are highly trained and certified to provide you with remedial massage that helps you overcome muscle injuries and improves your range of motion after injuries. After a careful evaluation of your anatomy, we can determine if remedial massage is right for you.

Treatable Conditions

Many of us were taught to simply just smile and bear pain, but this is not a healthy coping strategy and one that flies in the face of self care strategies. Many people who suffer from chronic headaches and chronic arthritis can benefit from remedial massage. It is a highly effective treatment for treatable conditions so there is no need to simply suffer in silence. It does not make any one weak or anyone a hero for bearing pain. When you have issues like back pain from an accident or muscle tightness and pain from sport activities, or even whiplash, we are more than able to help improve your quality of life.

Different Styles for Different Ailments

Like other types of massage treatments, there are a variety of remedial massage styles that are intended for different ailments. It is not a one size fits all treatment. There are some ailments that require deep tissue remedial therapy and others that require more stretching and massaging of soft tissue that will improve your circulation. Chronic pain and muscle tension also have different remedial massage therapy treatments. After careful evaluable of your pain and anatomy our highly trained therapists will provide you with a detailed description of their massage plans which will align with your massage goals.

Relax and Improve Muscles

Muscle stiffness results in poor range of motion that further compounds your pain. This is also likely to cause you stress. Pain can infuse your day in misery but with remedial massage therapy we can help you relax and improve the functionality of your muscles. It will be long term improvement on your quality of life that you will appreciate long after your massage therapy ends.

Why Hire Us

Your wellbeing is important to us and we understand that pain and muscle tension from injuries and ailments can reduce the quality of your life. But with our help you don’t have to simply endure it and hope it eventually goes away. In some cases, if left untreated, you could even be doing worse harm so we are here to help. We provide highly trained and certified massage therapists who understand anatomy and how personal injuries can affect your movement. This is critical information that any remedial massage therapist needs to help you alleviate your pain. We take great pride in our knowledge and ongoing training so that our clients benefit from our treatments. With that said, do you know about our couples massage?