Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapist massaging woman's thighs

You may have heard 100 tales from 100 people about possible home remedies or modern science suggestions for relieving the physical and mental discomfort that pregnancy may cause. But if you’re seeking solitude and a strategy for easing stress pregnancy massage might be the better option for you. Whether it is your first pregnancy or beyond your body is preparing for labor and our certified prenatal massage therapists will take exceptional care with you. they will take the time to learn you massage goals and help you find the comfort you’re seeking from tired muscles, back tension and feet that may be suffering from fatigue.

Professional Expertise

Not all massage techniques are appropriate when you are pregnant and you need an experienced and certified massage therapist who understands the right strategies that will relieve tension and improve your circulation. Fatigue and circulation are some of the most common symptoms for pregnant women and you want a massage therapist who is skilled at listening to you and will ease any discomfort without adding additional stress on your body. There is no need to endure skeletal issues or muscle and joint pains during your pregnancy when you have professional expertise you can call for help.

Reduce Stress

Different stages of pregnancy alter your body in ways that may sometimes cause digestive issues like heartburn, constipation and diarrhea and when stress is added to this combination, a prenatal massage could be the solution you need to alleviate discomfort. Massage reduce stress, increase blood flow to areas that are inflamed and induce chemicals in the brain that elevate your feelings. This can go a long way to stress reduction that is critical for you to remain healthy while pregnant. There’s no need to bear discomfort that can be massaged away and make you feel more comfortable you move from into each stage of pregnancy.

Promotes Better Sleep

As pregnancy progresses, many women find sleeping comfortable not always possible every night. Our therapists have specialized knowledge of anatomy and pregnancy development to help you figure what works for your body and how massage can alleviate poor sleep quality. Changes in your posture and pressure on different muscle groups can cause spasms and tension that may be keeping you awake but there are many possibilities to aid better sleep for an expectant mother so that you are more comfortable and relaxed all throughout the day. You will sleep better and feel more at peace.

Why Hire Us

Our prenatal massage therapy is top rated in Perth and our therapists are also highly trained and certified. Prenatal massage is not a skill any therapist can do, rather understanding the how the anatomy and pregnancy changes the body is critical to effective and safe massage. When you schedule an appointment with our specialist you are in safe and highly educated hands. You can expect the experience to help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Whether you wish to come to our offices or desire a mobile massage, we are available for exceptional prenatal care. With that said, do you know about our deep tissue massage?