Mobile Massage

Massage therapist massaging woman's back

You’ve worked all day and you want to get back to the privacy of your own home, but you also desperately want a massage to smooth out all the tension that’s accumulated during the week. It’s a dilemma that you don’t need to endure anymore when you have access to the finest mobile massage therapy in Perth. Pro Massage Perth offers exceptional certified mobile massages so you never need to leave the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office. We come to you because we understand you have a hectic life but you also know the value of massage. It’s a quality of life feature you don’t need to give up just because you can’t schedule an appointment inside our spa. Instead we come to you.

Convenient Luxury

Relaxing in the comfort of your own residence while you’re having an exceptional massage is not only easy but it is also convenient luxury when you call Pro Massage Perth. We bring our massage therapist and comfortable massage equipment to your doorstep and create an amazing massage experience you will want to do on a routine basis. No more hopping back into your car for the commute home after your massage. We all know heavy traffic and drivers with poor attitude can alter our feel good experience once you’ve left the massage therapy office, but with mobile massage you can avoid this and simply shut out the world until you’re fully recharged because you are already home.

Personalized Environment

Most of us feel at our most comfortable when we are in our own personal space. This is the perfect place to schedule a mobile massage. You can personalize your own environment and make your massage space exactly how you wish. Many people have a personalized scent or music they enjoy listening to during their mobile massage. These are the perfect conditions to feel utterly relaxed because you already know you’re home. If you are disabled or pregnant or even elderly, mobile massages are an excellent way of allowing you to enjoy the benefits of massage without the burden of needing safe or appropriate transport for any temporary or physical mobility challenges you may be experiencing.

Increased Privacy

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to do couples massage, but your partner just never had the time to fit into the schedule of an office therapy or maybe they were unwilling to enter the space, but they are open to the experience of massage and healthful benefits of massage. Mobile massage is the perfect solution for the best of both worlds. You will have an experienced and certified massage therapy session in the location that is comfortable, allowing you to be side by side or one after another without the need to ever enter our offices.

Why Hire Us

The benefits of mobile massage are too numerous to list and when you are in the hands of exceptional certified therapists your session may feel almost spiritual. Our mobile massage offers you convenience, luxury, privacy and comfort all without leaving your home. So many of our clients with hectic personal and professional lives find mobile massage an invaluable tool that has their improved quality of life. Additionally, please see our remedial massage.