Couples Massage

Massage therapist massaging a man's shoulder

Preserving your relationship with your loved one takes dedication and care and scheduling a relaxing couples massage is one of the best strategies you can use to nurture it. Pro Massage Perth offers couples massages so that you and your partner can find quality time together that is full of solitude and intimacy. Massage is an excellent self care method for letting go of the day to day stress that we all accumulate, which can so easily interfere and affect your personal relationships. Our massage therapists are highly trained professionals who pin point your massage goals and deliver a mental and physical experience you will not soon forget.

Relieve Stress Together

Most of us know that massages are an excellent strategy for reducing stress, but it also releases “feel good chemicals” in your body that elevate your mood and clear your mind of worries. This is doubly true for couples massage because you and your massage partner are feeling this sense of calm and relaxation in tandem and it can be an incredible avenue for open conversations and elevating your relationship to a whole new level of intimacy. It is well documented that massages can increase your levels of dopamine and reduce adrenaline, which means you both will come away from the experience feeling incredibly relaxed together.

Connect with One Another

With our busy daily lives and opposing schedules, it’s often very difficult to sit still and enjoy each other’s company without other issues on your mind. You need quality time together connect with one another and a couples massage is often a great strategy that creates and air of intimacy for just the two of you. Our massage therapists are fully trained and experienced to provide various massage techniques that create space for positive communication amongst couples. Couples massages facilitates your ability to spend quality time with each without the interference of career and family issues, social media and other people, which all can so easily drive a wedge amongst couples.

Celebrate Relationship

Your couple’s massage is intended to create a bonding experience with one another and these massage can also facilitate a positive space when you do them with a friend or relative as well.  Scheduling a couple’s massage can celebrate not just your marital union, but also be enjoyed for birthdays, and friendships and make a special gift for each other to rejoice in your relationship. Enjoy your time together and elevate your relationship by spending valuable time together that is stress free and the ultimate relaxation tool.

Why Hire Us

We offer the perfect strategy for a relaxing, stress free experience with your partner that can invigorate your relationship and provide healthful benefits to your mind and body. Creating time and space to spend time together is critical to a healthy relationship and our massage experiences will are unique and customized to suit your personal goal of relaxation. In an age where everything around us is fast paced and time consuming the self-care and quality time you dedicate to each other through the vehicle of massage forms a bond with each other you will not soon forget. Don't forget about our pregnancy massage!