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    You probably don’t need research to tell you that massages can make you feel good, but there is definitely a wide body of evidence that supports it as a strategy for improving your health and wellbeing. Pro Massage Perth is an exceptional practice in which our massage therapists are highly trained and certified in a wide variety of massage practices. Whether you wish to have a private home experience or receive treatments as a couple or solo, we boast some of the best massage therapists in the Perth region who will help you reduce stress and alleviate muscle tension and pain to improve your quality of life.

    About Us

    Pro Massage Perth is practice that takes pride as a top rated office. Our therapists are not only highly trained but they understand anatomy and consider their profession a calling to make clients feel relaxed and stress free. We offer you an atmosphere and methodology that creates peace and wellbeing so that you can move through life health and pain free. Massage therapy is an ancient practice and our therapists are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to ensure that you have the best experience possible with the latest techniques to soothe your mind and your body. We create a surround of peace and tranquility in our formal space and do the same in our mobile massage practice so that you have a higher feeling of comfort than anywhere else you could be that day.

    Our Services

    Life should not be fully of pain and stress, especially not when you can control it by experiencing massage therapy. There’s no need to grin and bear pain when you can utilize the expertise of our certified and highly skilled massage therapy practitioner. When you use our services we make your enjoyment and relaxation our first priority because we know that massage can improve your quality of life and health. Your mind and body must be in alignment and balanced to feel good and our massages provide you with the ability to enjoy life and all it has to offer free of pain and stress. The results include sleeping better, improving your digestion, relieve tension and creating better bonds with yourself and the world. Relaxation is critical to issues like improving your blood pressure and better circulation and improving any inflammation you suffer and all this can happen through the use of massage services.

    Massage therapist massaging man's neck

    Mobile Massage

    If the comfort of your own home is important for your to relax, we offer you mobile massage. It’s a private service that many of our clients love because they have hectic lives and just are not able to enjoy a massage anywhere else but home. Our massage therapists are certified and show up at just the time your scheduled and you never need to jump into your car and fight traffic back home because you’re already there. It’s the perfect solution for couples who would otherwise be like two ships passing one another.

    Massage therapist massaging woman's shoulders

    Remedial Massage

    Personal injuries, pain from arthritis and muscle dysfunction are the reality of life for many people and they simply live without successful interventions. But you don’t have to do the same. Our massage therapists are certified in remedial massage to help you alleviate pain and tension in your body so that you can improve your quality of life. Though often associate with physical therapy or deep tissue massage, remedial massage has its own benefits and is advantageous for many people when other inventions are not appropriate or successful to reduce stress and tension.

    “My shoulders and neck were so tense for weeks that it was a never ending cycle of pain that I thought would leave me broken, but Pro Massage was able to bring joy back.” – Tanya B.

    Couples Massage

    You love each other and you want to spend time together bonding and decompressing. Couples massage is the perfect solution for self care and togetherness. Whether you want couples massage at home or in our formal setting we can help you let go of your cares and simply enjoy the company and conversation of one another in a place where the world cannot interfere. You will come away from the experience more bonded than before and maybe even make it a regular routine.

    Massage therapists massaging a couple

    Pregnancy Massage

    You are bringing a bundle of joy into the world but the work of pregnancy can take its told on your body and mind. We offer prenatal massage that helps you alleviate muscle pain and tension in some areas of your body that are most vulnerable to the stresses of pregnancy. Our massage therapists are highly trained in anatomy and pregnancy development to apply successful and well proven methods of relieve pain and pressure that can help both your posture and your ability to sleep better.

    Massage therapist massaging pregnant woman

    “My partner and I loved the couples massage and now we make it a point to do it at least once a month so that we’re able to spend real quality time together.” – Francis M.

    Massage therapist massaging a woman's shoulder

    Deep Tissue Massage

    This is the ultimate style of massage that is both relaxing and alleviates high tension and intense muscle spasms that keep you from enjoying life as normal. Your life is hectic and your muscles are suffering the consequences of all that stress. But we can help elevate your mind and return peace and relaxation to your life by applying the right massage techniques. Pro Massage Perth is an invaluable tool in your arsenal for protecting your peace of mind and body.

    Massage therapist massaging feet

    Foot Massage

    Your feet are your foundation and what allows you to move from place to place and you likely use them every single day. But now they ache and so does your back because they are all connected. When your feet hurt most likely so does everything else and that means your quality of life has been affected. Let us soothe the aches and pains away with our top rated foot massage techniques that will keep you coming in for routine appointments to chase the foot blues away.

    “I love massages and I love Pro Massage Perth. I highly recommend them to everyone because it just makes you feel so darn good.” – Lucy A.

    Contact Us Today

    You deserve a pain free, stress free life and we can help you accomplish it by providing you with an appointment to experience the highly skilled techniques of our massage therapists at Pro Massage Perth. We are available via our social media platforms, our website online, phone call and text messaging to serve you. You can also experience our mobile massages and create your own unique customized massage experience at home solo or as part of a couple massage package. As a top rated massage therapy office, our first priority is to provide you with exceptional care so that your quality of life improves. Which services do you want?